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Allsup’s is a chain of Convenience stores with more than 300 stores in 160 towns and cities of USA. Now-a-days it is a dynamic and growing company. However, Employees are paid every two weeks though direct deposits. But the company has discontinued the printing of pay stubs for employees who receive payment via direct deposit. So use Money Network pay stub portal to view your pay statement. You can access this Money Network pay stub portal on any computer connected to the internet at home or at your work station. This web portal shows your current and previous periods pay stub with gross amount, possible deductions or additions and the net amount.

Attention Allsup’s Colleagues: if you have never been paid by the Allsup’s before, you should wait until receive a paper paycheck. If paid, try to setup your account at Money Network pay stub portal.

Logging in to PayStubPortal & Viewing Pay Stub

Pay stub information is available online via Money Network pay stub portal web app. Following steps will be help you to retrieving your pay stub online.
Step1: In the address field of your internet browser type:
Step 2: The log-on screen of the PayStub portal appears with a box reading-
Employee ID & PIN
Step 3: Would like to setup new account? That means new employee, Click on Register Now red color link. The register screen appears with the box reading –
Employee ID, Date of Birth & Last 3 Social Security Number.
2nd registration screen appears with the box reading- PIN & Confirm PIN
Step 4: Once you login, select “View Pay Stubs” Then view your pay stubs. If you need more assistance in accessing the Paystub portal, please contact with your HR office.
Step 5: The pay stub displays in a PDF file on the screen. If you want to print the pay stub, use the PDF menu print button or Ctrl+P to print to local printer.

A W2 form is a wage and tax statement. According to the IRS, if you receive $600 or more in a year from any employer, then they are responsible to complete the W2 form. Basically W2s are used by the government to keep record of wages and taxes paid to employees. According to your HR department, W2s will be mail out on 31 January to your home address.


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  1. Lee Hardenburger  |  

    I am unable to set up an account online to view my pay stubs and hours because my first name is only 3 letters LEE and you require the FIRST FOUR letters. I called the number on the back of the card about a month or more ago and they said they’d fix that so I can set up an account. It has not been done as of yet. Please contact me to help me set up an account. Thx!

  2. Hi, good morning! i was trying to access my account to view my last few pay stubs. The manager at the store said i would need to enter the id used to log everyday at the which is xxxxxxx, however, it did not work. I did enter the six digit number which is xxxxxx but it was also a failed attempt.

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