Newport News Shipbuilding Pay Stubs & W2s

Newport News Shipbuilding Pay Stubs & W2s

Newport News Shipbuilding is a division of Huntington Ingles Industries and one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the United States. The company currently has more than 23,000 employees. Since its inception, the company has built over 800 ships for Navy and commercial purposes. Newport News Shipbuilding is the manufacturer of the modern Ford-class aircraft carrier used by the United States Navy, John F. Kennedy, and the USS Enterprise. The company currently designs and builds Ford-class aircraft carriers and Virginia-class fast-attack submarines for the U.S. Navy, refueling and overhauling RCOHs on Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. RCOH is a complex and lengthy process involving replacing the ship’s nuclear fuel and renovating and modernizing atomic reactors. Discussing RCOH requires a whole article, which is not the main topic of my writing. As per the article’s title or headline, I am now debating how Newport News Shipbuilding employees can access their pay stubs and tax forms.

  • Pay stub

Paystub is a receipt issued by your employer which mentions critical information such as your gross pay, deduction, and net pay. You can also consider a pay stub as a mini income statement. Since you are reading this article, I assume your employer is Newport News Shipbuilding. Newport News Shipbuilding distributes pay stubs to its employees through the MyHR SharePoint site, so if you want to access your pay stub, log in to the MyHR SharePoint site.

  • Tax form:

Newport News Shipbuilding sends its employee tax forms by postal mail to the employee’s home address before January 31 of each year. So you should ensure that your name is spelled correctly with your Social Security card. To do this, check the first and last parts of your name printed on your pay stub. Moreover, log in to the MyHR SharePoint site and update your address if you need to change your address. If there is any mistake or need for a re-issue, you can apply for it after February 15.

  • Communication:

If you have questions about your pay stub, tax form, or benefits or need to be contacted, call the Human Resource Office designated for your job location without calling the Customer Care Hotline. You can also post your question in the comment box below.  

  • Resources

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